AUGUST 18 & 19, 2018

Running to Alaska: Dustin Morris

by BWLR Team

We know something special motivates every runner to do their best in each race they compete in. In the months leading up to the Big Wild Life Runs in August 2014, we will be profiling runners coming from all over the country (or right down the road!) to run distances from 1 mile to 49 kilometers. We are so excited to share these stories with you! If you would be like to be a featured runner, reach out to us!

Dustin Morris Featured Runner: Dustin Morris Home: Anchorage, Alaska Running the Inaugural United Physical Therapy 49K Ultra

Q: What got you into Running? A: I got into running for the same reason many of us get into running, to lose weight. I stick with it because, like many of us, I have fallen in love with the sport.

h2. "The most rewarding part about running for me is the self-awareness it creates, and the friendships that have developed over the course of many long runs."

Q: Tell me about your training process. A: I run outdoors as much as possible. I love scheduling a long run with a friend; it keeps me going. On a good week I can get in 20-25 miles. I try to split that throughout the week, but the hardest part about training is honoring my rest days.

Q: How do you cross train? A: Crossing training consist of running on the Arc cross trainer at the gym, T25 at home, and sleeping in on my rest days. Oh and in the summer time I like to flip the big monster tire in my back yard, crossfit style.

Q: What are your race day rituals? A: One of my quirkiest race day rituals would have to be the pre run photo shoot. Before every race, I stand in my driveway, bib on chest, and pose for a picture that I have my wife take. The quirky part is that I always stand in the same spot and in the same pose. I never noticed this until my sister pointed it out one day in a Facebook comment.

Another race day ritual I have, or something I do before every run is pray. I have four established rules I run by: Hydrate, Stretch, Go-before-you-go, and pray. Running in the Last Frontier often means running in the dark, I always pray for a safe run, for myself and those around me. I would hate to read about one of my friends or anyone for that matter getting hit by a car, stopped by a moose, or mauled by a bear.

Q: As a local Alaskan, what are some activities you recommend to those runners coming from out of state? A: To anyone traveling to Anchorage from outside of Alaska, I recommend getting outside as much as possible. A stroll down the Coastal Trail, a hike up Bird Ridge, and eating at any establishment that has a deck with outdoor seating is going to be a good idea.

Q: What made you choose our 49K Ultra? A: I chose this race, because I am always up for a challenge and I figure if I can finish a marathon, what’s four more miles? (Words I may regret.)

Q: How many times have you done this type of distance? A: I am a rookie when it comes to Ultras, this will be my first. In the last three years I have run three full marathons, several halves, and even completed a Tough Mudder, but I have never run a mile more than the infamous 26.2. !/perch/resources/dustin-morris-3-3.jpeg! (Dustin at the 2013 Honolulu Marathon event)!

Q: What’s your favourite race that you’ve run before? A: My favorite race is the annual Skinny Raven Twilight 12K [Hosted in Anchorage, Alaska]. I love the atmosphere, the course through Government Hill, and the amazing Moose’s Tooth pizza at the end. I have to admit that of all of the race shirts I collected last year, the TTK was definitely my favorite, and probably the one I wear the most.

If I could run anywhere in the world, I would love to run the Great Wall marathon in China. One of my bucket list runs is the Disneyworld Marathon. I want to complete the Dopey Challenge and come home with 6 metals.

Q: What’s the best post-race meal? A: My favorite thing to eat after a long run is a good slice of cold pizza.

Q: What are your hobbies, outside of running? A: Running is pretty much my only hobby; I am a pretty busy guy. I work full time, I am married with two kids, I volunteer on a nonprofit committee and with my church, and to top it off I am working on a bachelor’s degree in business management through BYU-online.

!/perch/resources/dustin-morris-5-1.jpeg! (Dustin at the Skinny Raven Frightening 4K Halloween Race with one of his kids)!

Fun Fact: Dustin has completed at least two local races with one of his kids strapped to his back. That’s intense! You can find Dustin at his blog,, or on Instagram, dmorris81!

Interested in running with Dustin in the Inaugural United Physical Therapy 49K Ultra? Register online and we’ll see you in August!

*All photos provided by Dustin Morris

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