AUGUST 18 & 19, 2018

Volunteer Spotlight: Our Bib Pick-Up Crew

by RunFest Team

2016 Bib Pick Up Volunteer Crew

It’s National Volunteer Appreciation Month and today we celebrate our Bib Pick Up crew.

These are the folks runners see first at our Expo in order to receive a bib for their race. This process used to be a bit more complex in years past. Back then runners were assigned a specific bib before the expo and it was critical that that very bib be found and delivered. A few years back technology changed and now bibs are assigned right at the Expo. The process is quicker and allows a better flexibility for problem solving.

Working the Bib Pick Up does not require any extraordinary expertise. The crew from Skinny Raven handles all our race timing which includes the assignment of bibs with their magnetic timing strips on the back. Skinny Raven instructs the volunteers and solves the bigger problems very efficiently. They make the Bib Pick Up an easy process for all involved.

What makes working the Bib Pick Up fun for volunteers? We asked two people who worked the 2017 crew.

Elaine Nelson has volunteered with the RunFest, and many other races, for several years. She has also served as volunteer coordinator for the 10K Classic. She says the RunFest Bib Pick Up exudes a good feeling; it’s full of happy people excited about the weekend and races to come. Being around this good vibe and assisting the runners and solving problems, if or when they arise, is truly rewarding.

Carla Beam worked our Bib Pick Up last year for the first time. Given her past experience as Race Director for the Run For Women, Carla knows the importance of volunteering for the success of an event. That’s what caused her to volunteer. She says the experience was fun on several levels. She had been out of the racing scene for a few years and many of the runners’ faces were new. Meeting the next generation of runners, as well as seeing lots of folks she knew, was fun. She also enjoyed assisting the runners, many of whom were slightly nervous about their event. Helping them and also calming their nerves a bit made for a rewarding shift.

Both of these volunteers, avid runners and racers in their own right, mentioned they signed up because they felt it was time they "gave back." If you feel your community has cheerfully supported your interests and it’s time you "paid it back," consider volunteering. You’ll be surrounded by individuals who share your enthusiasm for health, fitness, and having a great time.

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