AUGUST 20 & 21, 2022
Keri McEntree sets the marathon record in 2018

Race History


The core of our running festival, the marathon, began in the 1990s as Humpy's Marathon. In 2008 it grew to include a Thursday through Sunday celebration of races and was newly dubbed Big Wild Life Runs in accordance with Anchorage's brand "Big WIld Life." In the fall of 2015, we adopted the name Anchorage RunFest to lend more attention to our home site, Anchorage, and to bring attention to the diversity of ways we celebrate running. The Anchorage RunFest attracts runners from all over the United States and across the globe. The number of participants continues to grow as individual runners and groups both large and small travel to Anchorage to run the fast and flat Anchorage Mile, and our scenic 5K, 13.1 mile, 26.2 mile, and 49K courses.

49K Champions

2014 was the first year for the 49K.

2019 Kenneth Bereski II 3:39:53 Kamie Miller 4:04:46
2018James Miller3:20:48Jaylee Brendel4:40:18
2017James Miller3:26:55Heather Helzer4:40:30
2016James Miller3:28:28Lisa Drumm4:28:12
2015Raj Hathiramani3:46:21.9Renee Mitchell4:01:42.1
2014Scott Clemetson3:52:00Ginny Kinnebrew4:11:07

Marathon Champions

2019Cody Priest2:52:17Keri McEntee2:49:40
2018Olivier Vrambout2:33.41Keri McEntee2:50:48
2017John Naylor2:54:58Lauren Kuhns3:17:37
2016Kenneth Brewer2:37:44Katie Krehllik3:00:33
2015Gary Krugger2:44:34^Michelle Baxter3:06:34^
2014Amjed Aboukhadjeh2:45:43Christina Knapp3:17:07
2013 Tom Ritchie2:38:43Katie Conlon3:05:51
2012Jake Moe2:45:11Talva Parker3:14:42
2011Matias Saari2:43.43.4Davia Flaharty3:04:49.6
2010Erik Johnson2:41:09.5Regina Joyce3:09:49.3
2009Vin Robinson2:56:14Debbie Cropper3:12:14
2008Jerome Ross2:46:51.4Debbie Cropper3:14.05.0

Marathon Handcycle Champions

2018Ira Edwards2:02:33
2017Ira Edwards2:02:50  
2016Andrew Kurka1:56:52  
2013Ira Edwards2:56:04  

Marathon Wheelchair Champions

2013Grant Berthiaume2:32:56  
2012Ira Edwards2:22:38  

Marathon Relay - Overall Champions

2019 Tremainiacs 2:53:49
20184 the Duse3:13:40
20174 the Duse3:14:14
2016Arctic Terns3:03:53
2015For the Duse3:05:44
2014Raw Nipples3:12:48
2013Skinny Raven3:09:44
2012Whitfield Bros for the Win!3:05:51

Half Marathon Champions

2019 Stewart Reich 1:11:24 Sarah Reiter 1:16:35
2018Ryan Cox1:11:40April Nelson1:28:15
2017Juan Bonnet1:15:07Michelle Baxter1:24:46
2016Tom Ritchie1:14:58Taylor Ostrander1:26:12
2015Ryan Davis1:16:55.6Anna Dalton1:19:18.9
2014Tom Ritchie1:13:40Anna Dalton1:24:53
2013Allan Spangler1:19:10Susan Tanui1:21:45
2012Steve Chu1:10:34Gina Slaby1:19:08
2011David Kiplagat1:07:35.2Jane LeBlond1:26:04.3
2010Tom Ritchie1:15:00.9Monica Ross1:28:20.8
2009Daniel Knappmiller1:16:46Gretchen Flora1:27:24
2008Jake Moe1:13:55.3Amanda Vicent-Lang1:29:40.4

Half Marathon Handcycle Champions

2019Jayne Fortson1:31:19
2018Jayne Fortson1:27:19

5K Champions

2019 David Volcy16:34 Jennifer Page 20:28
2018Michael Olsen19:07Jennifer Page19:49
2017Chaven Davidson19:04Jess Klain21:03
2016Christopher Smith17:36Denali Strabel18:18
2015Andrew Ochoa16:18.3Kelly Staruch18:59.6
2014Ryan Davis16:42Kikkan Randall17:31
2013Gillean Szweda Mittelstadt18:00Kate Maker18:40
2012Maxwell Romey18:09Kaitlyn Mondl20:07
2011Jonathan Demmert15:20.6Ashley Mortenson19:46.0
2010David Bondi15:34.1Sheyenne Lewis20.07.9
2009Jason Potsander18:58Amanda Scott19:26
2008Luis Alonso17:24.5Holly Brooks19:33.1

The Anchorage Mile Champions

2013 was the first year for The Anchorage Mile.

2019Tennessee Tremain4:40Ilana Schnaufer5:12
2018Matthew Perkins5:11Laura Fox5:11
2017Jake Moe4:24Jess Klain6:04
2016Christopher Smith4:50Anna Dalton5:36
2015Andrew Ochoa4:28.3Anna Dalton4:55.3
2014Jerry Perkins4:38Denali Foldager5:19
2013 Issac Lammers4:25Susan Tanui5:17

The Military Mile Champions

2016 was the first year for the Military Mile.

YearBranch of ServiceWinning Team Time / Average TimeTheir top five finishers
2019Air Force31:46.9 / 6:21 Mark Edwards, Michael Barrett, Adam Frazier, Lara Zoeller, Jason Adkins
2018Air Force32:11.2 / 6:24 Tucker Foster, Nicholas Kollett, Lara Zoeller, Jose Ramirez Pila, Nicolas Ahearn
2017Army30:28.24 / 6:06Jason Coupe, Jamieson Barnes, Bill Schneider, Zachery Pasag, Ken King
2016Air Force35:31 / 7:06Tim Carlson, Larry Markwell, Nicholas Woolridge, Timothy Ferber, Jessica Heath

* Names and times in BOLD denote progression of race records.

^ The 2015 marathon course was .96 mile short. These times have been adjusted to reflect a time over a 26.2 mile course given the runner's average pace.

If you believe we have posted erroneous information, please feel free to contact us.

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