AUGUST 18 & 19, 2018
runners stretching

Post-Race: Now What?

Congratulations! You've completed a marathon! What comes next?

  1. Immediately Post Race. Get warm clothes on. Find foods to eat. If you don't feel like eating immediately after finishing, find the food and hold onto it until you do.
  2. Ice bath. If you can last 15 minutes in a tub of water and ice (55 degrees is best), this will help your recovery.
  3. Take a nap. This should be easy!
  4. Walk. This will help loosen up your legs.
  5. Rest and relax. You've earned it.

Opinions differ on post-marathon recovery plans. Some say take a day off running for every mile you raced. In this case, that means twenty six days off. It will definitely take you two to three weeks to recover. Review marathon recovery plans online or ask your coach for advice. Regardless, give yourself a break!

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