AUGUST 18 & 19, 2018
runners at start

Pre-Race Tips

Dialing back mileage before your marathon may be tough but it's critical. You are raring to go, but turn your energy towards getting other things done and enjoy it!

  1. Stick to your taper. Your specific program will tell you exactly what to do. If you are not following a particular schedule, ask and we will guide you! The key is to do more resting and just enjoy the extra time you will undoubtedly have.
  2. Review the race course, instructions, and rules. It 's good to know the course so you can plan your strategy. Here are a few things to be thinking about.
    • On the uphills take shorter steps. Use your arms to "pump" your legs. Don't worry about losing time.
    • Take advantage of gravity on the downhill, but refrain from pushing too hard here as well. Running down hills can beat your legs up and cause you to lose strength at the end.
    • Know where the water stations will be.
    • If you are unable to review the course in person, review the map and the elevations so you aren't surprised.
  3. Prepare your body.
    • File toenails: Long toenails rubbing against running shoes are a common cause of irritation, and even bleeding, during a long race. Trim them back.
    • Sleep: The sleep you get two nights before a race is almost more important than the sleep you will get the night before, so don't worry if nerves keep you somewhat restless the night before your race. Stay horizontal nonetheless to rest your legs. Also understand that the reduced mileage during your final taper week may make sleep more challenging. This is normal.
    • Foods: By now you know what works for you the night and the morning before running. Stick with that.
    • Hydrate: Drink plenty of water. A standard measure of adequate hydration is to be producing clear (not yellow) urine by race morning.
  4. Plan your transportation to the start. Know how you will get to the start, where you will park (if you drive), how long it will take to get there given race day conditions, etc. Planning ahead will eliminate some of the stress which might otherwise occur on race morning.
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